RHB now offers management counsel to our higher education clients. Though our clients have come to us for marketing and communications solutions since Day One, we’ve watched the scope of the questions we’re asked expand to include assistance that is more management-based. That’s made complete sense to us given our emphasis on coherence. After all, coherence isn’t based on what you say, it’s based on what you do.

So marketing-related questions start to take a different shape: If our institution is THIS, how would we act like THIS? How do we behave, organize, implement, and deliver in a way that matches who we are? How are our mission, values, vision and the brand perceptions that exist about us authentically reflected in what we do? How do we bring about the behaviors that best reflect our claims? How do we stay true to ourselves? Those are management questions. And we can help you answer them.

We’ve captured the expertise of the two of the country’s leading enrollment professionals. The combined experience of Joyce Luy and Dan Saracino provide our clients with unparalleled counsel. Dan is perhaps one of the nation’s most recognized and respected enrollment officers. And Joyce is the role model for admissions professionals not only among her Christian college peers but across the country with all types of colleges and universities. Her connections with secondary school admissions likewise places her in a unique capacity to mentor professionals.

Between the two of these leaders (we like to call them “managementors”), there’s little room for stumping them on any enrollment management issue. They’ll provide mentoring and solid problem-solving counsel on topics in the best practices of organization and system management, staffing/personnel development and training, transition management, communication distribution strategies, database and data analysis, visioning and planning.

Colleges and universities will be hard-pressed to find a more experienced team. The real benefit of delivering the one-two punch of marketing and management is that we can seamlessly connect the management and messaging for marketing an institution. If an institution is intent on achieving coherence, here’s the team to help you get there.

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