Relationships and Coherence

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The older I get, the more I understand the value of relationships. Today, we celebrated one of our prized relationships at RHB. Well, we celebrated dozens of them.

Sam, Shawn and I hosted a lunch at the Granville Inn with 15 of our Denison University clients. Not everyone we work with or have worked with at Denison during that time was able to come to lunch. Nonetheless, it was a memorable gathering.

We celebrated our 25th anniversary of working together. Actually, I began work with Denison in 1986 to redesign the alumni magazine, so technically it was our 27th anniversary. We were also celebrating Vice President and Director of Admissions Perry Robinson’s 25th anniversary at Denison.

Not many of my peers have opportunity to celebrate that milestone with their clients. Twenty-five years is a remarkably long time in consulting years. We live in a world where quick fixes, in-and-out remedies and short-term engagements are the norm. The average tenure of a CMO today is 3.5 years. And with administrative shifts, client-agency relationships tend to dissolve at similar speed. So celebrating a quarter century of collaboration is more than significant.

It was great to see our Denison friends around the table and to reflect on the experiences and efforts that make our relationship so powerful. We tripped down memory lane with a ten-minute review of alumni magazines, viewbooks, posters, inaugural programs, donor books, annual fund appeals and bits of correspondence (selected from our archive of hundreds of exchanges). We have done amazing work together with even more amazing results. It’s thrilling to review what happens when smart people work together.

Putting heads together to achieve goals and conquer challenges is indeed rewarding. Today we celebrated that endeavor. More importantly, we celebrated the dynamic of putting hearts together…using our shared passion for a great cause to move an entire institution forward. We celebrated the process of building trust with one another. We celebrated the results of respectful relationships. We celebrated our friendships that working side by side has forged. Thanks Denison for making us better. Congratulations to you on your remarkable growth and achievements. Here’s to another 25—er, 27—years!

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  1. Steve Webster says:

    Speaking of the value of relationships…I value the
    relationship we have had for all these years !

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