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IN THIS SECTION, YOU’LL FIND RESOURCES WE’VE CREATED FOR THAT VERY REASON. We suggest you start with our foundational works listed below, but explore others in the links above.

Beyond Branding: Coherence®

Promoting your brand is still a relatively easy way to increase your market appeal. But taking a coherence perspective on marketing does mean that we should consider “branding” the tail and not the dog. Read More | Download the PDF

Seeking the Third Satellite

Like a GPS, today’s organizations need three perspectives in order to position themselves accurately within the landscape of competing groups and messages. Read More | Download the PDF

Changing the Shape of the Funnel

The rising costs of recruitment are forcing us to re-examine traditional strategies in favor of successful alternatives. The traditional recruitment funnel, honed as it has been for decades, is well overdue for an update. Read More | Download the PDF

Is Harvard for Everyone?

Although it may seem counter to sound thinking, the more we distance ourselves by differentiating from Harvard, the greater our opportunities for recruiting more and better students will be. Read More | Download the PDF

Taglines are Dead

In this autopsy of taglines, we’ll examine the most common causes of death—and then pull a Dr. Frankenstein and jumpstart their hearts. Read More | Download the PDF

What’s in a Tagline? Higher Education Marketing Report, March 2013

Rick examines the use of taglines in higher ed utilizing the data from higheredtaglines.com Download the PDF